Big Buck Safari cabinet

CoinUp is Here!!

TOPGUN International are now providing CoinUp service for Operators in the Australian market. CoinUp is available both for Big Buck Hunting Safari as well as Big Buck Hunting Pro. In a nutshell, operators are charged 50 cents for every online game, with a minimum charge of $40 per month per registered machine. Operators can price their online games as they see fit, so this cost is usually paid for by the players.

For National Tournaments, there is an additional $1 charged per game to go towards the prize pool.

CoinUp allows you to do much more than just participate in National tournaments. Features available include the ability to:
  • Create, promote, and manage your own local tournaments. You can choose to create a tournament on just one machine, or you can add as many of your own machines as you want. You can also invite other operators to participate in your tournaments.
  • Remotely change game pricing, volume, and other settings on the machine.
  • Check on the number of plays, and see what parts of the game are the most popular.
  • Remotely diagnose problems such as fan failures and switch problems.
  • Create and manage advertisements which are displayed in attract mode. These are 640x480 pictures that you can use to promote ANYTHING! Think of the possibilities!
  • Display your net earnings based on ALL your machines registered through CoinUp for the last day, week, month and year to date.

For Big Buck Hunter Pro, a new animal will also become available.

For players, they can utilise to see their stats, find a game, see who is winning any tournament and much more!

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