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The Fast and The Furious Tokyo Drift


  • New Tracks with Deeper Gameplay – 21 Total Courses
    The Drift Tour takes you through the six new courses and once you complete the new Japanese courses, the final track or “boss track” opens up and it is a mash up of the new tracks. The drift tour will keep the hardcore fans coming back.
  • 12 Cars to Customize w/ Vehicle Specific Options
    The new cars are all licensed vehicles and all of the upgrades are specific to each model. From impossible spoilers to decals found in the movie, players will be able to make each car their own.
  • The Ability to Purchase More Options For Vehicles With Additional Credits
    When the player begins each race, he or she has one upgrade to add to their car. For an additional credit the player can add two more upgrades which means that a fully stocked car can be driven on the player’s first game.
  • New Gameplay Features and Rewards
    FnF has always let players race for more than just the fastest time. With Drift you can play for longest Drifts, most Drift time, air time and more. All of the stats for each course are presented to the player before each race after they login with the keypad.
  • Drifting Dynamic Easy for Beginners to Learn and Challenging to Master
    Drifting (power sliding) is so important; it is in the name of the game. It is an easy skill to learn but you are rewarded by faster times and bonus time off for drifting as much as possible.


  • Cabinet Design is Flashier and Has Lower Maintenance The cabinet is a flashy machine with bright colors and decals printed on foil that eliminates the need for more lights. The floor is now diamond plated to look flashier and last much longer.
  • Steering and Pedals Come With Better Diagnostics For Longer Life
    Drift now runs self diagnostics to make sure that the players always have a great playing experience. The menus that appear after the game is powered up now clearly describe what stage of start up that the game is going through.

  • Most Parts Are Interchangeable With The Fast and the Furious
    For the operators that have the original FnF, Drift uses many of the same parts. No need to throw out the parts that they have accumulated over the past few years.


  • Length: 63"
  • Width: 34"
  • Height: 78"
  • Weight: 650 lbs

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Fast and The Furious Tokyo Drift cabinet

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The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift - Upright

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